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Sewage Damage and sewage contamination is a health risk in any form.  Absolute Water Damage can minimize your exposure and save your health as well as some cost.  Absolute will quickly remove any contamination source in order to avoid any spread of dangerous sewage contaminations.  By using Absolute Water Damage, we can reduce losses in property value, minimize costs, ensure that the health of your family, friends and even your employees are protected.

At Absolute Water Damage, all of our professionally trained staff members are certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification).  Our technicians will ensure that any harmful or damaging sewage waste will be eliminated during the emergency response. 

Diseases that are commonly found in sewage:

Hepatitis A 
Respiratory Diseases 
Bacillary Dysentery
The IICRC offers several facts to consumers in regards to myths about sewage:

Myth 1 – If it is sewage from oceans, lakes or rivers, it is clean.  Just because it comes from a natural body of water, it is not safe.  Natural water sewage can contain microorganisms, bacteria and even pesticides.  If this natural sewage is trapped in between walls or carpeting, it will become a large and often unpleasant smelling problem.
Myth 2 – If your carpet has been saturated in sewage, it can be cleaned.  This is absolutely not true.  Carpet, carpet pads, bedding, paper goods, wicker, upholstery, and even fabrics will absorb sewage.  No matter how hot of water or how strong the chemical used, you cannot clean nor save fabric surfaces after they have been contaminated by sewage.  They must be disposed of promptly and professionally. 

Myth 3 – Buildings that have only partial sewage flooding are still safe to enter.  Unless a contaminated portion of a building can be sealed off to insure further spread of the contamination is stopped, no building is safe.  The only individuals who can determine whether a building is safe to enter after sewage flooding are trained and certified IICRC members

Exposure to sewage contaminants could pose serious health consequences. Failure to remove sewage will result in a dangerous environment.  Our sewer damage removal service is designed to safely and effectively remove bio hazardous substances and dispose of them properly according to the health regulations. Armed with the necessary safety equipment and sanitizing products our sewage service technicians turn unsafe structures into clean, safe homes and offices. Immediate Sewage Removal by Absolute Water Damage will begin the sewage damage recovery process. Call us and let our sewage damage restoration experts take over.

Absolute Water Damage technicians have no fear of any Sewage Removal job - big, small, ugly, or smelly. 
Step #1. Bio-washing combined with the application of biocide, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial agents. 
Step #2. Floor, ceiling, wall, basement, structure, and crawl space drying and dehumidifying. 
Step #3. Sewage damage restoration returns things to the way they were before the flooding.

Category 3 or Black water contains pathogenic agents and is grossly unsanitary. Examples include Toilet back flow that originates from beyond the toilet trap, flooding from seawater, ground surface water or rising water from rivers and streams. Category 2 water that is not removed promptly, may be re-classified as category 3 water.

When a sewage backup affects a structure, a unique set of restoration techniques must be employed to safely handle the situation. Federal, state and local government agencies agree that the best protocol of restoration is to follow the published standards and guidelines developed by the IICRC.

During sewage backups or other "black water loss", large amounts of bacteria can enter the interior environment and pose potentially serious health risks to the occupants. In fact, the bacteria introduced to the structure could stay active for up to one month if left untreated. Advanced restoration methods are employed to rid the structure of all traces of sewage and make the structure clean and safe for occupancy. 

In a black water loss, care must be taken to not disturb the bacteria in the water and make it airborne. When bacteria are contained in the water and not sent airborne, it is not easily breathable by restoration workers or occupants. This means that doors and windows should remain closed during clean up. The typical fans and blowers used to dry a structure that has experienced a "clean water loss" (non-sewage) should not be used in the early stages of a sewage clean-up project. 

Under The law, it is your right to determine what company will perform work in your home or business. Some insurance carriers have “preferred contractors” that they recommend, who have agreements with the insurance companies to handle water losses in a certain manner, and at pre-determined prices. You should be aware that these companies often rely on these referrals from the insurance carriers for their livelihood.  This could create a conflict of interest. These companies may not hold the protection of your health and property as their top priority.  We at Absolute Water Damage work for you; to protect your interest, not the insurance company's'.
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